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Godo Kisaragi

Godo Kisaragi

Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

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Godo Kisaragi is the leader of Wutai and the father of one of the optional characters, Yuffie Kisaragi.

Godo was responsible for the war against ShinRa that is often referenced in the Final Fantasy VII franchise. When he found out that ShinRa had plans to build a Mako Reactor on the island of Wutai, he led his people into combat against ShinRa, but he was ultimately defeated. However, he brought peace to the region at a price - all residents of Wutai were banned from using Materia.

It was for this reason that Godo decided to turn Wutai into a tourist town, but he still craves the power of Materia even if he doesn't necessarily show it.

Yuffie Kisara-who?

Godo is first encountered when the party venture to Wutai and Yuffie steals their materia. While she is hiding in his house, Godo denies any knowledge of a girl called Yuffie, but she cannot conceal herself for long after Godo asks Cloud to leave in case ShinRa show up. Yuffie considers these comments cowardly, which causes an argument between the pair.

After a nasty exchange, Godo tells Yuffie that she has no right to dictate to him about how he should run Wutai. She isn't bothered by this though and after Godo calls her a useless daughter, Yuffie calls him a sad excuse for a father - which appears to affect Godo. Godo Fights Yuffie

The Ultimate Challenge

Following Yuffie's progress up the Wutai Pagoda, she has to eventually face Godo in battle as he is the strongest warrior in Wutai. Godo loses to Yuffie though and gives her Leviathan as a reward for her efforts. They both compliment each other's fighting abilities, but it leads to another argument.

After Godo hands Yuffie the Leviathan Materia, Yuffie says it's pointless. Wutai has all this power that they don't use and it's making both the Da-Chao statue and Leviathan ashamed.

Might Begets Might

While Godo does agree with Yuffie's sentiments, he admits that he did a lot of reflecting following Wutai's defeat to ShinRa. He contemplates whether strength is the only way to defeat an enemy, or whether it's just a way to show off their prowess. Determination is just as important as strength and he hides Wutai's strength to protect the town.

Following these musings, Godo requests that Yuffie assists Cloud on his quest to defeat ShinRa and Sephiroth.