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Gerun appears much later in the game, when he reveals himself to Ashe in Giruvegan. Gerun is the leader of the Occuria, and the sole reason why Ashe has been looking for the power she needed. He is responsible also for the manipulation of Ivalice's chain of events over histories course.

It was Gerun who initially gave the Sword of Kings to Raithwall in order for the Occuria to mould history and events to their will. Using the sword, Raithwall was able to cut three shards from the Sun-Cryst and become the Dynast-King as all part of Gerun's plan.

When Venat left the Occuria and decided to work towards his own goals, Gerun was angered. Venat was intending to take away the control that the Occuria had, by providing the Humes with the means to control their own history with manufactured nethicite. This is when Gerun turned to Ashe, as she was a descendant of King Raithwall/ His goal was to use her to destroy Venat along with the Empire as penance for their sins.

Gerun had been attempting to coerce Ashe's loathing for the Empire, by causing her to see images of her late husband Rassler. Unfortunately for Gerun, Ashe wasn't so easily led and saw through his guises. Instead she attempted to destroy the Sun-Cryst, even though Reddas is the person who accomplishes it. This shatters Gerun's plans once and for all.