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Genesis Rhapsodos

Genesis Rhapsodos

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Robin Atkin-Downes
Age: N/A

Genesis appears in Dirge of Cerberus under the guise of G, but is only seen in the secret ending of the game. It is reported in the G Reports that he is ultimately the cause of the current evolution (The Tsviets) of DeepGround.

His genes were spliced with selected DeepGround soldiers and caused them to be "coloured". However, when Weiss and Nero ask for G's assistance in defeating the Restrictors he declines, much to their disappointment. Instead, he chooses to seal himself within a cavern beneath Midgar in order to prepare for when he is needed to protect the world.

Our Work Is Not Finished Yet

At the end of Dirge of Cerberus, after Vincent has defeated Omega and Weiss, G appears and carries Weiss' body away proclaiming that they have work still to do.

This could hint that he might return in future installments to the Final Fantasy VII franchise and possibly in a positive role, rather than a negative one.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Oliver Quinn
Age: N/A

Throughout the early stages of Crisis Core, Genesis is only mentioned in passing by other individuals. The first instance of this comes as Lazard is speaking to Zack Fair and Angeal about a mission in Wutai. Genesis was originally sent, but communication was lost and there are fears that he has defected.

The second instance comes as Tseng and Zack are sent to Banora. Gillian mentions that Genesis had returned to his home town and killed many of the villagers - including his parents.

My Parents Betrayed Me

Zack manages to find Genesis' base of operations in Banora, but while he and Tseng are looking through documentation, Genesis appears. He starts quoting some Loveless, but Tseng interrupts and questions him about the death of his parents. Genesis is angered by this topic and throws fire at Tseng, knocking him out.

As Genesis turns towards Zack, Angeal appears and points his blade at Genesis. Genesis simply asks if Angeal could live in a world where he killed his best friend and the two leave together.

As Zack tries to confront them later outside Gillian's house, Genesis summons Bahamut to occupy him while they plan their escape. After the battle, Zack questions his pride as a SOLDIER; Genesis reveals his wing and simply responds by saying that they are monsters who have lost both their pride and dreams. Sephiroth Genesis Angeal

The Day Things Changed

When Sephiroth and Zack infiltrate Mako Reactor No. 5, Sephiroth speaks about the day that things started to change. He and Genesis were caught up in a fight in the training room which ends with a shard of Angeal's sword injuring Genesis' arm.

Genesis claimed it was nothing, but it didn't heal prompting worry from both Angeal and Sephiroth. When Sephiroth tried to offer his blood to help with his rehabilitation, Hollander refused and would only use Angeal's.

You Are Useless To Me Hollander

Genesis is next encountered as he has a sword to Hollander's throat. Hollander claimed that he could cure Genesis' degradation, but so far he has achieved absolutely nothing. Genesis claims that he no longer needs Hollander, but Hollander obviously thinks otherwise.

Genesis announces that Jenova cells will be able to cure his degradation, but before he can dispose of Hollander, Zack interrupts. The pair fight, and Genesis ends up falling to his apparent death.

Following this, Hollander reveals the truth about Genesis' existence. Like Angeal, he was part of Project G, but instead of using Jenova cells, Gillian's cells were injected into Genesis' foetus instead. This caused him to be a failed experiment, whereas Angeal was a success. Sephiroth Genesis Nibelheim

Revealing The Truth To Sephiroth

After the encounter in Modeoheim, Genesis was believed to be dead. However, after his clones surfaced in Junon and carried Hollander away, doubts began to surface. These doubts are confirmed when Zack and Sephiroth head to Nibelheim.

While they are inspecting the reactor, Genesis appears and takes great delight in telling Sephiroth he is a monster, not a human. He explains that his mother is Jenova, a monster that was discovered over 2,000 years ago - which places seeds of doubt in Sephiroth's mind about his existence. This means that Genesis is essentially the instigator of Sephiroth's lust for the planet's destruction.

S Cells Are The Key - Cloud

Shortly after escaping the mansion, Genesis confronts Zack while he is riding on his motorbike. Zack is captured by a pair of Genesis Clones and one of them eats some of his hair. Genesis is under the impression that Zack is now flowing with Jenova's power, but the results aren't exactly what he was expecting.

Realising that Zack isn't his ideal target, Genesis tries to capture Cloud instead. He lures Zack away and gives Hollander the chance to capture Cloud. This also doesn't go to plan though, as Lazard protects Cloud until Zack can come and dispatch Hollander.

The Gift Of The Goddess

Genesis returns to Banora where he has discovered the true Gift of the Goddess, as spoken about in LOVELESS. He also claims that once Zack arrives, LOVELESS is being re-enacted, as Zack contains aspects of both Angeal and Sephiroth.

Zack attempts to talk to Genesis, but it is futile and Genesis starts to gather energy from the Lifestream. He gains the divine protection of the planet and becomes Genesis Avatar. However, Zack is too strong, even for this enhanced version of Genesis, and Genesis is defeated. Genesis Shinra DeepGround

It's Not Your Time

Following the fight, Genesis walks over towards the statue of the Goddess. As he approaches, the status morphs into Minerva, the Goddess of Gaia. Instead of welcoming Genesis to the Lifestream, Minerva decided that it wasn't time for Genesis to leave the planet, but she did fulfil his dreams of surmounting death.

Zack then takes Genesis' body outside and props it up against a chair. However, shortly after Zack and Cloud leave Genesis, a ShinRa helicopter arrives and he is taken away by two DeepGround operatives (Weiss and Nero). During this time, they question whether he would join them.