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General Caraway

General Caraway

Final Fantasy VIII

Minor Character

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General Caraway, otherwise known as Fury Caraway, is the head of the Galbadian Army, and father to Rinoa Heartilly. However, their relationship isn't quite as strong as it once was and Rinoa has even joined a rebel group aligned against Galbadia. Despite this he does his best to protect her, although his methods are a little unorthadox. At one point, he locks Rinoa in her room during the assassination attempt on the Sorceress. However, she still manages to get involved and is taken to D-District Prison. Caraway uses his influence to have her released.

In the past he rose to the rank of General during the Sorceress War with their neighbour Esthar. He worked with Vinzer Deling to defeat Sorceress Adel who led Esthar at the time. During the time he spent in Deling City, he became quite close to Julia Heartilly, a singer at the Galbadian Hotel. When her love Laguna Loire had vanished after setting out on a mission, Caraway was there to comfort her, offering her the encouragement she needed.

Losing Himself To Grief

Shortly after her success, the two of them married and had a daughter. Their happiness didn't last forever, as it was swept away from them when Julia was killed in a car accident . Rinoa was just five years old at the time, and the loss was too much for Caraway to deal with. He drifted away, even from his own daughter. Unable to deal with her father, she retook her mother's surname and moved away, chosing to hurt Caraway further by joining a rebel group that mocked everything her father stood for.

Caraway had always been loyal to Galbadia and the President in particular, but when the Sorceress Edea appeared he felt some things were not quite as they should be. He had his suspiscions that her goals were not admirable ones, and began to fear that she wanted Galbadia to herself. Because of this, he set in motion the plan for her assassination, along with Headmaster Martine from Galbadia Garden. The plan was simple: to hire SeeD's to seal her inside the gatehouse when she passed through on the ceremonial float, and then a sharpshooter would deliver the shot that would defeat her. However, the plan failed, resulting in Caraway's dismissal. Seifer then assumed control of the Army.