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Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Matt Miller
Age: N/A

Gatta is a resident of Besaid, where he acts as second in command to Luzzu at the Besaid Island Crusader's post. Due to his position, and the close-knit community on Besaid, Gatta respects Luzzu as both a friend and a mentor.

When Operation Mi'ihen is in the planning, due to Gatta's rank, he keeps being given menial tasks such as preparation and messenger duties. This frustrates him, as he's been waiting to fight against Sin for some time and he expresses his concerns to Tidus.

Depending on the advice Tidus gives, Gatta will either decide to fight in the battle, or stay on the side-lines. If he fights, he is killed by Sin. However, if he doesn't, he survives and is later found on the airship training up new recruits for the Crusaders.