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Final Fantasy XII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Nicole Fantl
Age: At Least 5

Fran is a Viera, who is commonly known as Balthier's partner in crime. She first appears when she and Balthier are attempting to steal a piece of Magicite from the Dalmascan treasure vault, only to find that they've been beaten at their own game by Vaan, a mere novice.

They attempt to obtain the treasure from Vaan, but are interrupted by Imperial soldiers and are forced to make their getaway on a hover bike. Unfortunately, the vehicle gets damaged during their escape and they end up crashing into the Garamsythe Waterway. From here, they get overwhelmed by soldiers and get captured, leading to them being sent to the Nalbina Dungeon.

Connection With The Mist

When the group venture towards the Tomb of Raithwall, Fran imparts some knowledge about the Mist. She explains that the Mist can be an aid, but it can also be used to create extremely powerful magicks.

One such example of this is the Nethicite which they obtain from the Tomb. Judge Ghis manages to acquire it and places it inside a capsule to enhance its power. This causes Fran to enter a feral rage, allowing them to ultimately escape from Judge Ghis' clutches.

Returning Home

Their quest leads them to the Golmore Jungle, but while inside they come across a path which cannot be taken. The jungle is denying Fran passage, as well as Balthier, and Fran knows what must be done.

She leads the way to her home, the Eruyt Village, although she knows that they will not be welcome there. Unfortunately Jote denies them access to pass through the Golmore Jungle, and the group have to venture through the Henne Mines. It's here that they find Mjrn in a sorry state.

Fran is able to rescue Mjrn and head back to the Eruyt Village. Upon seeing what has happened, Jote decides to give Fran access to pass through the Golmore Jungle, enabling them to continue with their quest.

Playing The Supporting Role

After defeating Vayne, Fran stays back with Balthier to try and steer the Sky Fortess Bahamut away from Rabanastre. Fran gets hit by some debris and passes out, but she is rescued by Balthier.

Although the Sky Fortress Bahamut crashes, Fran and Balthier manage to make it out alive. Shortly after the incident, they manage to steal back the Strahl from Vaan and return to their Sky Pirate ways.