Final Fantasy XII Characters

Diving into the world of Ivalice for the first time in the main series, with the cast of Final Fantasy XII we are introduced to some "new" cultures and races.

For this game, players were also given a lot more choice about who they wanted to select in their party and with the licence board system in full effect, it made the choices even more interesting.

- List of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings characters

We currently have 60 Final Fantasy XII characters in our database, out of a total of 62 characters.

Main Characters

Final Fantasy XII features playable characters which can be used throughout your travels in Ivalice. In a new move though, any three can be used at any time, so Vaan may not even be included in your party should you wish it to be that way.


Final Fantasy features numerous characters who fill the role of villain, and Cid even enters that role under the name of Cidolfus. Vayne is ultimately the prime evil in Final Fantasy XII though, as he looks to conquer all.

Minor Characters

Final Fantasy XII's minor characters are scattered around Ivalice, but they all have some part to play. The Allies of Dalmasca help to try and fight off the advances by Vayne, while the Rabanastrans are always friendly to Vaan.

Other Characters