Final Fantasy X Characters

For the PlayStation 2 era, Square wanted to blitz the JRPG scene. To do this, they created an assortment of characters in Final Fantasy X that are now familiar to most gamers.

From Lulu's crazy belt design throught to the calm head of Auron, the cast of Final Fantasy X blended well and helped us to get drawn into the world of Spira.

- List of Final Fantasy X-2 characters

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Main Characters

Final Fantasy X has seven playable characters who are all very different from one-another. Yuna surrounds herself with people she can trust and they all come from completely different walks of life. It certainly makes for an interesting journey though their pilgrimage


Yu Yevon acts as the main antagonist in Final Fantasy X, while Seymour Guado hopes to try and achieve world dominance. Sin and Jecht are toys in a master plan, but they are crucial to driving the story forward.


Minor Characters

Final Fantasy X has a vast quantity of minor characters, some of which appear in multiple locations throughout Yuna's pilgrimage to Zanarkand. Characters like Tromell are very integral to the story, but only for brief periods of time.

Other Characters