Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Characters

Led by Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children many familiar faces band together to fight a new threat in this CG feature film.

Despite being one of the few non-video game properties, Advent Children still introduced fans to the combination of Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz, a popular combination!

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Main Characters

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children chooses to focus on the events of Cloud Strife primarily, but other characters do also have prominent roles throughout the film. Rufus Shinra makes a rather surprising return as a Geostima sufferer who is wheel-chair bound and many fans before the films release hypothesised that this was in fact Sephiroth.


The main villains in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children are completely new to the franchise and they are the Remnants (Silver Haired Men) who are lead by Kadaj. They are searching for something which they hope will bring back Sephiroth. During their quest for this, they are involved in numerous fights and at one point, they even use the summon Bahamut SIN.


Minor Characters

Advent Children sees the return of every character that was playable in Final Fantasy VII, with a few notable extras. Zack Fair and Aerith Gainsborough both make appearances, while Tseng - who many believed to be dead - also returns alongside Elena.

Other Characters