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Father Zuke

Father Zuke

Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Andre Sogliuzzo
Age: N/A

Father Zuke is a former Summoner who was guarded by the joint forces of Lulu and Wakka. Despite being gifted, when he arrived at the Calm Lands, he decided against continuing with his pilgrimage and went back to being a member of the order of Yevon.

As Yuna enters the Calm Lands as part of her pilgrimage to Zanarkand, she is approached by Father Zuke. He informs them that Maester Mika holds them responsible for the death of Maester Kinoc and that a death warrant has been placed on their heads.

Despite all this though, Zuke has no intention of carrying out these orders, and he is merely curious about the new Summoner that Wakka and Lulu are guarding. After giving them a warning about Yevon's intentions, Zuke simply turns and walks away after wishing Yuna good luck with the rest of her pilgrimage.