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Shortly after the destruction of the Sector 7 plate, Elena is promoted to the Turks due to Reno's injuries. She joins Rude and Tseng in investigating Sephiroth's activities and ends up bumping into Cloud's group in the Mythril Mine.

Eager to please, Elena tries to do some tough talking. This completely backfires though, as she ends up giving information to Cloud's group about Sephiroth, which Tseng doesn't seem overly happy about and sends her away.

Learning the Trade

Although the Turks are actually supposed to be chasing Don Corneo in Wutai, Rude and Reno are treating it as a vacation. Elena is extremely annoyed at their level of unprofessionalism and decides to try and complete the mission on her own.

This completely backfires and she is captured by Don Corneo's men. He ties her up to the Da-Chao statue, but in the end she is rescued by Rude and Reno. Afterwards Reno tells her that she needs to stop acting so weak. Elena Cloud Icicle Inn

Jumping The Gun

Elena escorts Tseng to the Temple of the Ancients as they attempt to find out information revolving around The Promised Land. Although Tseng isn't overly sure about what he's uncovered, he tells Elena to report back to Rufus - and asks her out to dinner after the mission is over. After Elena leaves, Tseng is attacked by Sephiroth and severely injured, but she learns another chain of events.

Elena runs into Cloud at the Icicle Inn, as she is guarding something "secret". She was told that Cloud caused Tseng's injuries and calls him a liar when he protests his innocence. Her petulance is her undoing again though, as she tries to punch Cloud and misses.

Do We Ever Follow Orders?

As the Turks confront Cloud in Midgar, Elena announces that their orders are to seek them down and kill them! Unfortunately for Elena, Cloud doesn't really seem all that interested in fighting and neither do her superiors Rude and Reno.

Elena questions their loyalty as they're violating their orders, but they don't seem overly concerned and she has no choice but to follow their lead and let Cloud escape.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Supporting Cast

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In Advent Children, Elena's first involvement takes place at the Great Northern Crater where she is assisting Tseng with the recovery of Jenova's head. Unexpectedly, they are attacked by the Silver Haired Men during the mission and captured, not before they manage to extract what they've found though.

Despite being subjected to torture for long periods, Elena's resolve holds strong and she is eventually rescued by Vincent Valentine of all people. He helps with her recovery, which is paramount to the survival of Rufus Shinra.

Towards the end of the film, Rufus ends up falling from a building, and the rejuvenated Elena, with the help of Tseng, manage to set up a safety net for him to land on, saving his life.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


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Elena Before Crisis Elena appears in Before Crisis as a high school student. We learn that her father is a teacher in the ShinRa military academy and that her older sister is a prominent member of the Turks.

Elena hates her sister, as she has always outperformed her in anything they've done together. However, when Elena encounters the Turks during the course of the game, she changes her mind and decides to join up to the organisation which her sister was also a member of.