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Eleanor is not actually seen in Final Fantasy VII, but she is spoken about during dialogue throughout the game - primarily during the conversations between Barret and Dyne that happen in the Corel Desert Prison.

Eleanor is the wife of Dyne and the biological mother of Marlene. She also knew Barret extremely well, as he was Dyne's best friend and they had both lived in Corel town with each other for a considerable amount of time. However, when there was an explosion at the Corel Town Mako Reactor, ShinRa reacted strongly against Corel Town.

During the raid on the town by ShinRa forces which was lead by Scarlet, Eleanor was unfortunately killed. Knowing that his wife had been killed was one of the reasons that Dyne leads a life of despair after the incident in Corel Town.

Eleanor died holding Marlene in her arms, which is how Barret found her. This is one of the reasons that Barret is so over-protective of Marlene, as he blamed himself for Eleanor's death.