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Minor Character

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Dyne's role in Final Fantasy VII is an unfortunate one. Having originally been opposed to ShinRa building a Mako Reactor in Corel town, he was convinced by his best friend that it was a good idea.

However, when there was an explosion at the reactor, Dyne was one of those who paid the heaviest price. He lost his wife Eleanor and presumed his daughter to be dead too, even though Barret managed to find her and keep her safe.

On top of that, when he and Barret were trying to escape from ShinRa forces, Dyne fell, Barret managed to grab him, but when Scarlet ordered the troops to fire he lost his left hand and fell to his presumed death.

A Lost Cause

Dyne managed to survive the fall though and after the incident in Corel, he had a machine gun grafted on to his hand by Shalua Rui. However, not believing he has anything to live for, Dyne goes on a killing spree at the Gold Saucer, which Barret is blamed for as they both have guns attached to their arms.

It is in the Corel Desert Prison that the two friends are reunited, as Dyne (The Boss) is the person who decides whether new recuits to the prison stay or leave. Barret apologises for everything and tells Dyne that Marlene is still alive. This doesn't influence Dyne though and infact increases his conviction that everything must be destroyed and that includes Marlene.

Dyne's words lead to a coming together between the two, which Barret wins. Following this defeat, Dyne hands Barret a necklace to pass on to Marlene and gives permission for them to leave the prison. He then jumps off a cliff because he can't cope with life anymore.