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Dynast-King Raithwall

Dynast-King Raithwall

Final Fantasy XII

Minor Character

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Dynast-King Raithwall was Ivalice's very first Dynast King and his events took place seven centuries before the story that unfolds in Final Fantasy XII.

Raithwall was but a mere nobleman from a small country in the Valendian continent. However, the gods saw the potential in him and gave him the Treaty Blade. After receiving the blade, he then travelled to the Pharos at Ridorana where he would cut three shards of Nethicite from the Sun-Cryst. These became known as the Dawn Shard, Dusk Shard and the Midlight Shard.

Using the shards he ruled Valendia and united it with the other continents of Ordalia and Kerwon forming the Galtean Alliance. Sometime during his rule, he passed the Treaty Blade to the Gran Kiltias and the blade was sealed inside the Stillshrine of Miriam where it would become later known as the Sword of Kings.

Raithwall undertook many achievements during his rule, one of note worthy mention was the defeat of Belias. Upon being defeated, Belias acknowledged Raithwall's strength and become his servant.

When Raithwall passed away, he was buried in a tomb located far into the Nam-Yensa Sandsea, along with the Dawn Shard. Belias was ordered to guard the tomb which he did for those seven centuries until Ashe, one of Raithwall's direct descendants arrived.