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Dr. Odine

Dr. Odine

Final Fantasy VIII

Minor Character

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Dr. Odine is an Estherian Scientist. Originally he used to be a monster researcher, and discovered Guardian Forces. He later become a sorceress researcher and from his research he was able to allow ordinary people to use magic, a form known as Para-magic, which became extremely popular with SeeD.

During the Sorceress War he was approached by Adel and he helped her to study Ellone and her abilities. He was also responsible for the building and research of the Luncatic Pandora. While he wasn't the most empathetic man, the arrival of Laguna convinced him to aid them in trapping Adel in a containment seal.

Later in the story when Squall and others arrive at Esthar City, Edea consults with Odine regarding his experience in the field of Sorceress'. His knowledge is invaluable and he is responsible for many of the inventions that enable Squall and the others to defeat Ultimecia.