Dissidia: Final Fantasy Characters

After many, many years, Dissidia: Final Fantasy arrived on the PlayStation Portable with a whole host of Final Fantasy characters all squaring off against each other.

It was the first time people could finally answer questions (albeit still inconclusively) about which characters could beat up others in a fight!

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We currently have 6 Dissidia: Final Fantasy characters in our database, out of a total of 26 characters.

Main Characters

Behold, the original list of Final Fantasy protagonists assembled by Cosmos to try and save everyone from annihilation. It's quite an interesting bunch, wouldn't you agree?

Warrior of Light


Onion Knight

Cecil Harvey

Bartz Klauser

Terra Branford

Cloud Strife

Zidane Tribal


Judge Gabranth


Chaos, lord of all things nasty, called upon many familiar foes in the Final Fantasy franchise to try and help him enact his plan. But can they all work together?


Emperor Palamecia

Cloud of Darkness



Kefka Palazzo



Shinryu (Dissidia)

Minor Characters

As the focus is primarily on the heroes and villains of this piece, there are very few supporting characters in Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

Cid of the Lufaine