Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Characters

Returning after something of a hiatus, Japanese gamers now have the ability to have Final Fantasy protagonists fighting against each other in glorious high definition.

For this reimagining, the original cast returned. This time we know of at least two new additions though, and we're exicited for future additions!

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We currently have 0 Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade characters in our database, out of a total of 15 characters.

Main Characters

The original characters have returned for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade, but Y'shtola has already joined them due to strength of Final Fantasy XIV. Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics is another confirmed addition and who knows, we may even see Noctis in the future too.

Warrior of Light


Onion Knight

Cecil Harvey

Bartz Klauser

Terra Branford

Cloud Strife

Squall Leonhart

Zidane Tribal






Ramza Beoulve