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Diamond Weapon

Diamond Weapon

Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

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Diamond Weapon is one of the creatures summoned by the planet as a defence mechanism when it is in a state of crisis. Diamond's job is simple, undertake the complete eradication of Midgar.

After appearing from the Great Northern Crater, Diamond Weapon makes its way towards Midgar by walking across the ocean floor and eventually materialising on the beach to the North-West of the city. It is here that the party approach Diamond to try and stop it from getting to Midgar and slaughtering all the civilians.

Thou Shall Not Pass?

Although the party try their best to stop Diamond Weapon, their efforts effectively achieve nothing. Diamond essentially ignores them and continues on his collision course with Midgar.

After coming into range, Diamond opens a barrage of fire onto Midgar. However, at the same time, ShinRa were readying their Mako charged Sister Ray to destroy the shield that was protecting the Great Northern Crater. Unfortunately for Diamond Weapon, it was standing in the way of the beam fired out the cannon and it rips straight through its chest killing it almost instantly.

However, its own assault on Midgar wasn't ineffective as Rufus Shinra is caught in the blast of a shell that hits the top of the ShinRa tower.