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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Benjamin Bryan
Age: N/A

In Advent Children, Denzel makes his first appearance. He is a young boy who lives with Tifa Lockhart, Cloud Strife and Marlene Wallace - the later of which takes care of him by attempting to treat his Geostigma.

One day, when Denzel is sitting outside he is approached by a girl. She notices that he is suffering from Geostigma and tells him that there are a group of people who have the ability to cure the disease! Before Denzel has time to register his approval, the girl grabs him by the arm and takes him to meet them.

Drinking The Miracle Cure

After gathering with the other kids at the Forgotten Capital, Denzel discovers that the people who can cure the ailment are the Silver Haired Men; Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo. They inform the children that drinking their water will cure them and Denzel blindly does as they ask.

Marlene is also present in the crowd of children, but despite shouting at Denzel not to do it, Denzel either doesn't hear or chooses to ignore her. When Marlene escapes, she has no choice but to leave Denzel behind.

Breaking The Trance - Joining The Fight

Denzel accompanies the Silver Haired Men back to Edge along with all the other children. Tifa spots Denzel, but he appears to be in some kind of trance, which was probably induced by the water that he had drunk at the City of the Ancients.

Fortunately, while Tifa is attempting to protect him, Denzel regains control of his mind. Just as Denzel goes to help with the fighting against Bahamut SIN, Barret and the rest of the old gang appear to help out. Denzel Geostigma Cured

Finally Cured Of The Geostigma!

As Denzel and Marlene are watching the fight between Sephiroth and Cloud, they see a huge explosion. Realising that Cloud was most likely caught in the blast, Denzel reassures Marlene by saying that Cloud said he'd come back.

When Cloud reappears in Aerith's Church, he walks towards Denzel and pours the water over Denzel's head. This cures Denzel for the Geostigma that had plagued him or the last few years.