Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Characters

Serving as a direct prequel to Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII featured a rather familiar group of characters. However, there were two core introductions into the franchise: Angeal Hewley and Genesis Rhapsodos.

Thanks to a well crafted story, we also got to learn more about Zack Fair and his relationship with not only Cloud Strife, but also Aerith Gainsborough and Sephiroth.

We currently have 32 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII characters in our database, out of a total of 32 characters.

Main Characters

In Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Zack Fair is primarily the main character. Other characters do have a role to play in the story, but it is predominantly focussed around Zack and his actions. He is also the only playable character in Crisis Core. While Zack is the main character, others also play a large part in the progression of the story. While many of these will already be known to fans of the franchise, both Angeal and Cissnei are new characters who help to add an extra dimension to the story.


There are only two characters throughout the game who pose a consistent threat to Zack, ShinRa and his friends - Genesis and Hollander. They are united by a common goal and are searching for the cure to something.

Minor Characters

Due to the time-frame of Crisis Core, some of the characters who appear are much younger than their Final Fantasy VII versions. Some are completely new to the franchise, while others make some unexpected appearances.

Other Characters