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Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 21

When Final Fantasy VII starts, we find Cloud Strife working for AVALANCHE, a band of mercenaries led by Barret Wallace. Although things don't necessarily go to plan, Ex-SOLDIER Cloud assists AVALANCHE in successfully destroying the No. 1 Mako Reactor in Midgar on his first mission for them.

While back at the AVALANCHE's headquarters, which are below the 7th Heaven bar in Sector 7, Cloud is reunited with his old friend Tifa Lockhart who he grew up with in Nibelheim. She is also the owner of the bar and is eager to put her training into practice for their next outing alongside Barret and Cloud.

For this mission, AVALANCHE would assault the No. 5 Mako Reactor. However, ShinRa were expecting the attack and during a fight with their new proto-type Air Buster, Cloud is separated from the others.

Would You Like To Be My Bodyguard?

Cloud awakens to find himself lying in a church on a bed of flowers. Here he meets Aerith Gainsborough for the first time and she convinces him to be her bodyguard. Shortly after, they are attacked by The Turks and narrowly manage to escape via usage of the rafters in the Church. Cloud escorts Aerith back to her house and they rest the night.

After Elmyra (Aerith' adopted mother) requests that Cloud sets off for Sector 7 on his own, but Aerith follows anyway. After a long chain of events which sees Cloud taking part in some cross dressing, they learn about Shinra's plot to destroy Sector 7, which ends up with most of AVALANCHE getting killed and Aerith being kidnapped by The Turks.

Raiding ShinRa Tower

The group successfully infiltrate ShinRa tower and briefly rescue Aerith before they are captured during their escape. They're all placed in holding cells, but Cloud awakens to find his cell door open and a trail of blood leading from his door.

After following this trail, Cloud finds the corpse of President Shinra, who has Sephiroth's Masamune protruding from his back. This gives them the chance to attempt an escape once again, and after a fight with new ShinRa president, Rufus Shinra, followed by various other attempts to re-capture them (including the famous Bike Chase), they decide to leave Midgar and head for Kalm.

Chasing The Black Caped Man

Intent on finding Sephiroth to make him pay for what happened in his village five years ago, Cloud goes to Junon in the hopes of finding some link to Sephiroth. However, it isn't until he boards the boat to Costa del Sol that he catches up with Sephiroth and discovers his evil plans. He also has his first encounter with Jenova.

After this encounter with Sephiroth, Cloud heads to Nibelheim, the town where he was born and the town he was sure had been burnt to the ground. Instead, of seeing a ghost town, he finds that the town is perfectly fine and that nobody even remembers him or anything about the incident. While there, he also encounters Sephiroth again, who tells him about the Reunion. They also soon learn about the presence of the Black Materia, which Sephiroth intends to use in order to summon Meteor and cleanse the planet.

Just A Puppet

After heading to the Temple of the Ancients to get the Black Materia before Sephiroth, Cloud loses his will and gives it to him. He also attempts to kill Aerith while still under his manipulative mind control.

Cloud recovers to find Aerith has gone to the City of the Ancients in an attempt to stop Sephiroth herself. Cloud goes to her aid, but arrives too late and sees Sephiroth run her through, giving him a new reason to hate Sephiroth. Cloud puts Aerith to rest and heads for the Northern Crater to end Sephiroth's tyranny.

The Story Starts To Unravel

When confronting Sephiroth, Cloud again falls foul to his mind control and gives Sephiroth the Black Materia again. This causes the Weapons to activate and Cloud is thrown directly into the Lifestream.

The party fear he may be dead, until they travel to Mideel and find Cloud in some sort of mental coma. When Ultimate Weapon attacks Mideel, both Cloud and Tifa fall into the Lifesteam and it is during this time that he finally remembers what happened on that day five years ago with the help of Tifa. He remembers that he went to Nibelheim with Sephiroth and his good friend Zack Fair and how he rescued them in the Mako Reactor.

The Final Confrontation

After finally clearing his head and figuring out exactly what happened in his past, Cloud gains the resolve he needs to face Sephiroth for a final showdown. They go past the point of no return and enter the Great Northern Cave and after defeating Jenova, only Sephiroth remains.

Cloud faces the final form of Sephiroth alone, face to face. Having been weakened by the previous fights, Sephiroth can offer no resistance and is cut down by Cloud's devastating Omnislash, but Meteor was still summoned before he was killed.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Steve Burton
Age: 23

Following on from the events of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud moves to the city of Edge where with the help of Tifa Lockhart, he has set up his own courier service called "Strife Delivery Service". As well as living with Tifa, he also lives with Denzel, a boy who is seriously infected with the Geostigma disease, and Marlene Wallace, Barret's adopted daughter.

Unknown to his friends though, Cloud has started to suffer from the symptoms of Geostigma as well, something which he has been hiding with a cloak over his left arm. Feeling that he is unable to protect his new family - like he was unable to protect Aerith or Zack - Cloud leaves Edge.

Encounters With The Silver Haired Men

Cloud first encounters the Remnants (Silver Haired Men) on the outskirts of Midgar as they believe he knows where Jenova is. This leads to a skirmish which doesn't end well as he is clearly out-numbered and not at full-strength due to the Geostigma.

Following this conflict, Cloud meets with Rufus, Reno and Rude. Not believing what they have to say, Cloud goes back home to find Tifa unconscious, Marlene kidnapped and his Materia stolen. Unable to cope, he passes out only to wake up with Rude and Reno staring at him.

After a brief conversation, Cloud goes to confront the Remnants a second time. This time however, Cloud fairs even worse as they are using the Materia they stole against him. Luckily Vincent Valentine was monitoring the situation and comes to his aid at a vital moment.

Re-Living The Past, 3rd Time Lucky

After helping his friends defeat Bahamut SIN, Cloud once again challenges the three Remnants. This time however, he is much more successful. After defeating Loz and Yazoo, Cloud faces off against Kadaj in Aerith' Church. During the skirmish, Cloud lands in some water which has come into contact with the Lifestream, which consequently cures his Geostigma. During this time though, Kadaj manages to retrieve the Jenova cells causing him to turn into Sephiroth.

The battle between Cloud and Sephiroth is a reinactment of various fights throughout their history. Sephiroth once again manages to pierce Cloud with his Masamune, but as happened in the past, this wasn't enough to defeat him. Cloud manages to muster up the strength to perform a Limit Break with his modified Buster Sword and puts Sephiroth to rest once again.

It's Not Your Time

Following the defeat of Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo set off a kamikaze explosion that seems to have killed all of them. However, both Aerith and Zack prevent Cloud's spirit from entering the Lifesteam and he is resurrected inside Aerith's church.

After helping some of the Geostigma victims cure themselves in the church water, Cloud sees Aerith and Zack near the church entrance. Aerith smiles and assures Cloud that everthing will be fine, showing him that he is no longer alone.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Steve Burton
Age: 14-21

Cloud first becomes a part of Crisis Core when he is assigned to a mission with Zack Fair in Modeoheim. After Tseng tells Zack to lead the way because he's a country boy, Cloud also reveals that he's from a small town and offers to help Zack with the navigation.

After a successful mission, Cloud next appears in Junon where he is a bit worse for wear. Zack instructs all of the fellow ShinRa soldiers to protect Cloud at all costs, which they do.

Cloud Crisis Core Modeoheim

What Really Happened In Nibelheim

Cloud's next port of call was to accompany Sephiroth and Zack as they investigate the malfunctioning reactor in Nibelheim. Cloud is very anxious because he has yet to become a SOLDIER operative, something which he promised he would do before he returned.

During his visit, he speaks to Zack a lot about how he is feeling. Revealing he is worried about speaking to Tifa, thinking she would be ashamed of him. He also reveals he is worried about speaking to his parents, something which he was going to do.

On their first trip to the reactor, Cloud is very protective of Tifa. If any enemy goes near, he is the first to take it down. He also has the unfortunate job of stopping Tifa from entering the reactor, which he does without giving away who he is. When Zack and Sephiroth come out of the reactor, they find Cloud unconscious on the floor. Tifa informs them that he was protecting her from monsters when he was overwhelmed.

Cloud's Moment Of Glory

After Sephiroth destroys Nibelheim, Cloud runs with Zack to the Nibelheim Mako Reactor. Unfortunately though, he is too late and finds Tifa hurt inside. After attacking Sephiroth from behind, he goes to tend to Tifa, but Sephiroth isn't dead.

When Sephiroth comes out with Jenova's head, Zack tells Cloud to finish him. Cloud tries, but is overpowered by Sephiroth. Following his unsuccessful assault, Sephiroth stabs Cloud through his chest, thinking this will be enough to kill his unworthy foe. However, Cloud surprises Sephiroth and uses his strength to throw Sephiroth into the depths of the Mako Reactor.

Cloud Buster Sword

Hojo's Games Begin

Having mortal wounds after the conflict with Sephiroth, Professor Hojo decides to use Zack and Cloud as subjects in his new experiment. It isn't until four years afterwards that they manage to escape, but Cloud has serious Mako Addiction and is unable to walk properly.

Zack looks after Cloud, but just as Cloud is starting to recover, Zack is killed by the ShinRa army. Before Zack passes away, he hands Cloud the Buster Sword and tells Cloud to be his living legacy... something which Cloud takes literally.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Cloud appears in Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis as nothing more than a passing Cameo. He is occasionally seen accompanying Zack and Sephiroth wearing his ShinRa soldier uniform but usually stays in the background.

The only time that he ever really becomes moderately involved is when he works alongside The Turks to protect Professor Rayleigh. She is believed to be wanted by AVALANCHE as she has important information, but Cloud along with The Turks thwart their efforts to garner it from her.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Steve Burton
Age: N/A

Cloud's role in Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus is relatively brief. After responding to The World Regenesis Organisation's call to arms, he comes to their aid by taking part in the ground assault of Midgar.

During the assault Cloud has an encounter with Rosso the Crimson, but their conflict is unresolved as she later fights Vincent Valentine. Before Vincent fights Azul, Cloud speaks with him on the phone and gives him a map of the ShinRa building.

Cloud also manages to take down one of the Midgar Mako reactors on his own, typifying his loner mentality.

Final Fantasy Tactics


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Cloud appears as a Bonus Character in Final Fantasy Tactics. He is accidently drawn into the world of Ivalice after Ramza Beoluve activates a machine in Goug Machine City called the Celestial Globe.

After talking with Ramza, Cloud leaves and wanders to the Zarghidas Trade City where he meets a flower girl Aerith (formerly Aeris). Shortly after they meet though, she is attacked by an unknown assailant, but Cloud is there to protect her.

Eventually Ramza manages to find Cloud again and convinces him to join his party.