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Cidolfus Demen Bunansa

Cidolfus Demen Bunansa

Final Fantasy XII


Voice Actor: John Lee
Age: N/A

Dr. Cid is one of the main antagonists in Final Fantasy XII. His ideals are rather mixed up and border on the obsessive, as seen with his over-fondness of Nethicite. He has three sons, one of which is Ffamram Mid Bunansa - otherwise known as Balthier. Doctor Cid is essentially the mastermind behind all of the Empire's technological advances, mostly in regards to their military power.

Before the story takes place in Final Fantasy XII, Cid travelled to Jagd Difohr to do some research. It was here that he stumbled across Giruvegan. While he was conducting his research in the ancient city, he was able to deduce how to make Nethicite. As he did so, he became more and more obsessed with it and his sanity began to diminish. This caused Balthier to abandon his father and run away.

Not As Mad As First Thought

Although many believe Cid's ramblings to be completely made-up, his sanity was later discovered to be true. It is disclosed that he was actually talking to an invisible being by the name of Venat, who was an Occuria. Due to their relationship, Venat only made himself visible to Cid.

Venat travelled with Cid after they met in Giruvegan, aiding his study of Nethicite as Venat had an agenda himself that would see the humes release themselves from the grip of the Occuria that Venat had betrayed.

Protecting His Research

Doctor Cid is first encountered by the party during their investigation of the Draklor Laboratory - Cid's personal work space and where many of his inventions and ideas were infact conceived. Upon, talking to his own Son, the party are forced into battle before Cid escapes leaving them with news that he is headed to Giruvegan should they wish to follow.

The last time Cid is faced, is alongside an Esper by the name of Famfrit. However, he is defeated, which causes Venat to abandon him. Following the conflict, Balthier attempts to reconcile with him, only for his words to land on deaf ears. Cid has nothing of value to say to him, and remains convinced that his actions were justifable to the very end, as he passes away.