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Cid Highwind

Cid Highwind

Final Fantasy VII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 32

Cid Highwind is a respectable member of Rocket Town and is often referred to as "The Captain". The reason for this being that he was chosen by ShinRa to be the first pilot in outer space.

However, the plans for the launch were cancelled when Cid was forced to cease the ignition to save Shera's life. She was adamant that one of the oxygen tanks in the rocket was malfunctioning and although she told Cid to continue with the launch, his conscience wouldn't let him. Following the failed launch, ShinRa abandoned the Rocket where it was intended to launch. Rocket Town was then founded around the remains of the failed launch-site.

Used And Abused

Cloud arrives with his group in the hopes of borrowing Cid's Tiny Bronco, but when they ask, Cid instantly declines. He has more important things on his mind, as Rufus Shinra is supposed to be coming to town and Cid thinks it is to revive the space programme.

However, after a long conversation with Rufus, Cid finds out that he is only there to take the Tiny Bronco too. This makes Cid mad, as if ShinRa hadn't taken enough from him, they also want to take his beloved plane.

Cloud actually ends up "stealing" the Bronco, and Cid manages to grab on as it's leaving the town. After a brief conversation, Cid decides that he is going to join the gang in their quest.

Cid Highwind Airship

My Name, My Airship!

When Barret and Tifa are captured after the calamity was the Great Northern Crater. Cid manages, with the help of Cait Sith and Barret, to reclaim his airship - The Highwind - which was taken by ShinRa in the past.

With his new airship, he manages to rescue Tifa from the end of the Sister Ray and seems very pleased to have his pride and joy returned to him. However, he isn't overly pleased with the trainee pilot that's in command of the Airship, who he generally thinks is a moron.

The New Leader Of AVALANCHE

With Cloud still in a coma, Tifa decides to help with his recovery. Thus, Cid is elected the new leader of AVALANCHE and is given the task of collecting the Huge Materia from around the world.

Huge Materia is being held in Corel, Barret's home town. When they arrive, ShinRa have already loaded the Huge Materia onto a train, which is heading towards Corel. Cid and Barret manage to catch up, but the train is out of control and is on a collision course for the town. Luckily though, they manage to stop it in the nick of time, to claim their first Huge Materia.

The second Huge Materia is at Fort Condor, which is under attack from ShinRa. After showing his impressive tactical mind, Cid manages to defend Fort Condor, and the residents give them the Huge Materia as a way of saying thanks.

When Cloud rejoins the party, they then go after the Huge Materia which they learn is being moved from the Underwater Reactor. Cid helps to teach Cloud how to pilot the Submarine and after obtaining the third Huge Materia, they learn that the last one is being taken to Rocket Town. Cid Highwind In Space

Finally Fulfilling His Dream

When Cid arrives in Rocket Town, he sees that ShinRa are prepping his rocket for takeoff. They charge the rocket and manage to get into the cockpit, at which point Palmer informs them that it's on autopilot and they're trapped inside.

After finding out the rocket is on a collision course with Meteor, they grab the Huge Materia and head for the escape pod. However, one of the Oxygen tanks explodes - Shera was right!

Unable to move due to the debris, Cid fears that all hope is lost. However, Shera had stowed away on the rocket and comes to help Cid get free. He is then able to enjoy the view from the escape pod window as they descend back to the planet surface.

Captain Fantastic

Reinvigorated by his experience in space, Cid is instrumental on the party's raid on Midgar. They use the Highwind as a launch platform so that they can parachute into the middle of the city.

After the success of the mission, Cid unveils some special features that he's been keeping under wraps with the Highwind - boosters! They aren't enough when trying to escape from the Great Northern Crater after defeating Sephiroth though and Cid has to use his emergency switch to separate the Highwind so they can escape.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Chris Edgerly
Age: 35

Cid Highwind Dirge Of Cerberus In Dirge of Cerberus, Cid is a well established member of the World Regenesis Organisation. We also find out that he has married Shera, which is the reason that his new Airship was named the Shera.

Cid comes more involved with the story when they decide that an assault on Midgar is necessary to stop DeepGround. Cid devises the strategy for the assault and effectively acts as the commander of the WRO forces from the air forces' flag ship, the Shera.

During the assault his ship gets slightly damaged through a crash, and Nero the Sable manages to disable most of the engine room, effectively rendering the craft useless in battle from thereon in.

Every Little Counts

Following the conclusion of the assault on Midgar, which ends in victory for Cid's forces, Cid then has the task of taking down one of the Mako Reactors in order to weaken Omega Weapon.

He achieves this task with ease and with the help of other WRO members and friends; they manage to deactivate all of the Mako Reactors around Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Chris Edgerly
Age: 34

Cid's role in Advent Children is relatively minor. When he hears that Edge is in trouble, he comes to the assistance of his old comrades in his new Airship - the Shera, which is the predecessor to the Highwind.

After helping with the defeat of Bahamut SIN, Cid stands back and watches Cloud defeat Sephiroth on his own.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 26

Cid appears in Before Crisis at the time of Shinra's initial launch. Rufus Shinra comes to watch the launch, but all he gets in return is accusations from Cid about his pessimism regarding space travel.

The launch is blighted with incident though, as AVALANCHE look to disrupt it however they can. Initially they try to steal the Tiny Bronco, but it is retrived by a member of the Turks. When this fails, they look to attack the rocket itself, and Shears manages to steal an oxygen tank.

Determined to see his dream realised, Cid doesn't care and orders them to continue the countdown. This causes AVALANCHE to take even more drastic action, as the kidnap Cid. This doesn't last long though, and he is returned safely to the helm of the rocket.

Everything is ultimately futile though, as Cid has to cancel the launch to save Shera's life, as she is performing safety checks when the countdown almost reaches zero. This shatters Cid's dream of space travel and he finds it very difficult to forgive her.