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Chocobo Sage

Chocobo Sage

Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

The Chocobo Sage is one of the greatest chocobo breeding minds ever to grace Gaia, if he can actually remember anything, and he lives a very isolated life in the mountains near the Great Northern Crater.

The Chocobo Sage's appearance is unlike anything else seen on Gaia with him effectively being a big purple blob with a tail that floats around everywhere. He is still an extremely nice guy though.

Expert Breeding Advice

The Chocobo Sage has a Green Chocobo sitting outside his house, which for some reason has an Enemy Skill Materia hidden. The Chocobo Sage isn't actually aware that he had such a chocobo, but he does remember how such a chocobo can be breed.

He sells a rare selection of nuts and greens which can help the player to breed Green and Blue chocobos.