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Biran Ronso

Biran Ronso

Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

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Biran Ronso is a well respected member of the Ronso community and is considered to be a hero. He is also the individual responsible for breaking Kimahri's horn.

Before the events of Final Fantasy X, Biran had a fierce battle with Kimahri on Mount Gagazet, with Kimahri losing the fight. However, when Kimahri refused to admit that Biran had won, Biran broke his horn to bring great shame upon him. Biran constantly teases Kimahri because of this whenever they meet.

Settling The Score

After goading Kimahri throughout his pilgrimage, the pair finally stand off against each other as Yuna tries to pass through Mount Gagazet. While Biran has no problem with Yuna and the rest of her guardians passing, he refuses to let Kimahri through.

This time, Biran has Yenke to aid him, but even with this advantage Kimahri still manages to defeat both of them. Unlike Kimahri, Biran accepts the fact he has been defeated and as a show of respect, he offers to fight off anyone who pursues them through Mount Gagazet.

Biran honours this oath to Kimahri and is forced to fight against Seymour Guado. Seymour kills him with sadistic pleasure.