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Biggs (Final Fantasy VIII)

Biggs (Final Fantasy VIII)

Final Fantasy VIII

Minor Character

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Major Biggs and his Lieutenant Wedge are first seen fixing Dollet's Communication Tower so Galbadia could broadcast their propoganda campaign. Wedge tells Biggs a monster has been sighted at the tpp of the tower, but Biggs ignores him. Shortly after the tower becomes operational, Biggs sees Squall's party and orders Wedge to attack them, eventually joining Wedge later on in the battle. The battle is soon interrupted when Elvoret apppears and knocks them away using its Storm Breath. After the party defeats Elvoret and exits the tower, Biggs programs a X-ATM092 to kill the party.

Demoted Due to Their Actions

After the siege of Dollet, Biggs and Wedge are demoted to Lieutenant and Private, respectfully, for their part in the affair. When Squall's party is taken into the D-District Prison, Biggs and Wedge are asked to take care of Zell, Selphie and Quistis for attacking a prison guard. They instantly recognize them and attack the party since they believe the the party is unarmed. Little do they know that Zell had found the weapons just earlier, so Biggs and Wedge are easily defeated. Biggs raises the alarm afterwards as the party makes their escape.

I Don't Care for the Army Anymore

Biggs and Wedge are encountered later in the game in Lunatic Pandora, but they don't fight the part. Instead, Biggs is comtemplating leaving the Galbadian army, which Wedge agrees with and both characters leave the area, never to been seen again in the game.