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Final Fantasy X

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Cree Summer
Age: N/A

Belgemine is a former summoner who was killed shortly before the events of Final Fantasy X. She now wanders Spira as an unsent individual who aims to try and increase the strength of Summoners who are undertaking their pilgrimage, but she has also made the Remiem Temple her place of residence.

Belgemine was unfortunately killed by Sin. Upon completing her own pilgrimage, Belgemine summoned the Final Aeon, but this wasn't enough to defeat Sin and she was ultimately killed by him, along with the Final Aeon.

Training Yuna

Belgemine has numerous encounters with Yuna as she continues along her pilgrimate, with the first being along the Mi'ihen Highroad. Even if Yuna loses, it doesn't impact the story, but Belgemine offers good rewards for being able to defeat her.

Should the group unlock access to the Remiem Temple, they can face Belgemine's ultimate challenge. Upon defeating her, Belgemine is extremely happy at the strength of Yuna's skills and is sure that Yuna will be able to defeat Sin. Yuna then has the choice to send her, or leave her unsent, but this doesn't impact the story.