Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Characters

The cast of features plenty of cameos to the original Final Fantasy 7 cast, but also had similarities to the cast of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

One character who ended up shining through the generic playable cast of characters was Cissnei (also known as Shuriken Female), who ended up having a bigger role to play in Crisis Core.

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Main Characters

Due to the nature of Before Crisis, there were numerous playable characters, but other than Cissnei (who is named in Crisis Core), none of them ever received names. Instead, they are referred to by the weapon they chose to use, coupled with their gender. Much of the Before Crisis storyline revolves around the actions of Veld (The Leader of the Turks) and Elfe (The Leader of AVALANCHE). Ironically, they are also father and daughter, but this doesn't stop them from locking horns with one another throughout the story.


Fuhito acts as the central villain in Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, as he looks to exploit his position within AVALANCHE to further his own ambitions. Jade Weapon is awakened due to his acts and causes terror and panic throughout Gaia.

Minor Characters

Before Crisis features many characters that are not new to the franchise, but the majority of them are much younger than in the later games due to where Before Crisis sits in the franchise's timeline. Some new characters are also introduced too, just to try and make things fresh.

Other Characters