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Final Fantasy X-2

Minor Character

Voice Actor: Adam Paul
Age: N/A

Beclem is a former Crusader who is a fine warrior and also an excellent Blitzball player. He claims to have known Chappu in the past, and apparently heard a lot of stories about Wakka during their time together.

He is sent by the Youth League to train the Besaid Aurochs and he is exceedingly opinionated. When he first meets Wakka, he reveals that he was very disappointed that he didn't live up to his expectations. He also denounces anything to do with Yevon, including the Summoners and their role.

Hard To Please

When Yuna goes back to Besaid, she is greeted by Beclem. She is appalled at his disrespect and attitude towards Yevon and the Summoners. He claims that without her abilities to Summon, Yuna is a useless fighter and he doesn't respect her at all.

However, after Yuna demonstrates her adept fighting skills, Beclem is forced to eat some humble pie. Following this display by Yuna, Beclem actually becomes more warm and less confrontational.