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Basch fon Ronsenburg

Basch fon Ronsenburg

Final Fantasy XII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: 36

Basch starts off Final Fantasy XII, taking part in the war against the Empire. He, alongside Rasler, is tasked with securing Nalbina, but things don't go to plan. Rasler is hit by an archer before Basch can react, but Basch still manages to get them to safety.

Basch's next objective is to then find the King, with the help of Reks, Vaan's brother. They manage to clear a path, but are intercepted by soldiers. Basch heads off to find the King, while Reks holds up the soldiers, but when Reks eventually gets to the throneroom, he finds that the King is dead. A man who appears to be Basch then proceeds to stab Reks.

Paying For His Crimes

Basch is next seen in the Nalbina dungeon, where he is locked up in a cage. He's talking to a Judge Magister, who claims that the only reason he's still alive is to keep tbe Marquis Ondore quiet. However, when the Judge leaves, Basch realises that there were other people listening, and calls them forth.

He asks them sincerely to let him out, but Balthier simply claims that it's not good to speak to the dead, especially those who've killed a King. However, they use Basch's cage as a means to escape, and have to free him in the process.

Vaan instantly tries to attack Basch, as he believes Basch killed his brother. However, Balthier holds him back and instead requests that Basch joins them as they try to escape. When Vaan objects, calling him a traitor, Balthier simply states that he didn't see him kill anyone.

Clearing His Name

Basch continues to protest his innocence to Vaan and explains what really happened - that he was held down in the corner of the room, while someone looking indentical to him killed the King and then Reks. This story is then confirmed, as Vaan listens to a conversation between Basch and Vossler. Basch explains that Reks wasn't lying, and that the Empire had to make it appear as though he had killed the King.

Vaan apologises to Basch, as he realises that he's telling the truth and doesn't object any further when Basch requests that he be allowed to join the party as they head to Bhujerba.

Speaking With The Marquis

While in Bhujerba, Basch attempts to speak with the Marquis. This is eventually achieved thanks to some assistance from Vaan, but things don't necessarily turn out as Basch had planned.

After enquiring about Amalia's whereabouts, the Marquis contacts Judge Ghis and turns the rebels over to the Empire. However, it appears as though this was all a plot to reunite Basch with Amalia, an alias for Ashe.

When they see each other for the first time, Ashe's first reaction is to slap Basch. However, Basch explains that the King entrusted him with a task, to give her the Dusk Shard, her birthright.

Disgusted By A Close Friend

Even though Basch was vilified by his countrymen, he always remained loyal. He believed that one day, he would have the chance to continue serving the crown of Dalmasca, and he believed his good friend Vossler would always be there to fight by his side.

However, as they're leaving the Tomb of Raithwall with the Dawn Shard, Judge Ghis informs them that Vossler has chosen another way to try and save Dalmasca, he has betrayed his country. Basch is annoyed and disgraced upon learning this, but after Vossler is defeated, Basch becomes Ashe's primary protector.

Confronting Gabranth

At the Ridorana Cataract, Basch finally confronts Gabranth. We learn that Gabranth has a hatred for Basch because he abandoned his home when he was younger.

After defeating Gabranth, Cid shows disappointment and suggests that he is a mockery of Lord Larsa's trust. This angers Basch, who attempts to strike Cid for his insolance. Venat protects Cid though, and Basch is hurled across the room.

The two meet again on the Sky Fortress Bahamut, and we learn that Gabranth is actually Basch's brother. They hail from the Republic of Landis, but while Gabranth bowed to the rule of the Empire to save his homeland, Basch decided to continue to fight and fled to Dalmasca.

A Brother's Dying Wish

After confronting Vayne, Gabranth is dealt a mortal blow. His dying wish is that Basch takes over his role as Larsa's protector, that Basch becomes Judge Gabranth.

Basch gladly accepts his brother's request, and at the end of Final Fantasy XII, Basch is seen adorning the iconic armour of Judge Gabranth.