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Final Fantasy X-2

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Barkeep is a Hypello who manages the bar on the Celsius. Little is known about Barkeep's past other than the fact he was found by Brother. It's not known where, or how the two met, but Brother brought him on board the Celsius and made him part of the Gullwings.

Barkeep's job is relatively simple, he keeps bar. He was given the name because his real name is unknown, so it seemed very apt. Throughout the game, he is able to sell items to Yuna and he also looks after the sleeping quarters.

In an additional cutscene, Brother is talking to Barkeep about his love for Yuna. However, during the conversation Barkeep actually announces to Brother that he has a partner, a Hypello called Darling.