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Final Fantasy XII

Main Protagonist

Voice Actor: Gideon Emery
Age: 22

Balthier, also known as Ffamran mied Bunansa, first appears in Final Fantasy XII as he attempts to steal a piece of Magicite. Unfortunately, he and Fran are beaten to the punch, as Vaan manages to steal it before them. He initially tries to take it from Vaan, but circumstances chance and escape is much more important.

The escape doesn't go to plan however, and their hoverbike crashes. They end up in the sewers and meet a woman named Amalia, who appears to need assistance. Although they put up a fair amount of resistance, the group are eventually overwhelmed and captured. Before they are taken away, Balthier gives Penelo a handkerchief and asks her to hold on to it until he can bring Vaan back to her.

Escaping From Nalbina Dungeon

After his capture, Balthier is taken to Nalbina Dungeon with Vaan and Fran. It isn't long before he finds some action though, as he has to save Vaan from a bunch of Seeq thugs that were attacking a Bangaa. Fortunately, Fran manages to find a way out and they manage to escape through the Barheim Passage.

Upon their emergence from the passage, Vaan offers the Magicite to Balthier, but he rejects it by claiming it's "ill-fated". This appears to hold true for Balthier, as he is accused by Migelo of being the reason for Penelo's kidnapping. Balthier then accepts the magicite as payment for flying Vaan to Bhujerba.

Trials In Bhujerba

Upon arriving in Bhujerba, they are greeted by Lamont. Balthier instantly distrusts Lamont and suggests he should stay where he can be seen. Balthier gets even more suspicious when Lamont starts inquiring about Nethicite and demands that he reveals his real identity. Although Balthier isn't able to get him to confess, he reveals to the rest of the group that Lamont is in fact Larsa Ferrinas Solidor.

When Ashe later tries to steal the Strahl, Balthier's airship, Balthier is already on top of the situation. However, Ashe manages to convince him to kidnap her... for a fee.

The Truth About Balthier's Past

After again being captured, this time Balthier is held aboard the Shiva. With the help of Fran he manages to escape and the group decide to head towards Archades. While they are resting at the Phon Coast, Balthier talks to Ashe about the Nethicite and her intentions.

He states that her talk reminds him of someone he once knew, his father Cidolfus Demen Bunansa. He became obsessed with the Nethicite and even made Balthier a Judge at one point. Balthier states it's time to end this, and goes to confront Cid in Arcades. Here though, he finally understands what Cid's intentions are, and what Venat actually is.

I'm The Leading Man

Throughout Final Fantasy XII, Balthier stakes his claim to being the main character and when they head to the Ridorana Cataract for what appears to be their final stand, Balthier tells Vaan that since he's the leading man, he might have to do something heroic.

Following the defeat of Cid, Balthier attempts to talk to his astranged father. Unfortunately Cid has nothing but contempt for his son and his final words are that of spite.

Assault On The Bahamut

The Strahl is used to infiltrate the Sky Fortress Bahamut, but when they try to leave, they realise there is not enough fuel to take off. Balthier and Fran go to resolve the situation, but they realise it's probably a one-way trip.

After making sure everyone evacuated safely, Balthier then starts work on making sure the Bahamut doesn't crash into Rabanastre and has to convince everyone he knows what he's doing. He ultimately manages to succeed, but people fear he didn't survive the incident.

However, just as Penelo and Vaan had tuned up the Strahl to their liking, it was mysteriously stolen. Penelo then receives a letter from Balthier which explains that the owner of the vessel wanted it back.