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Bahamut SIN

Bahamut SIN

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


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Although it appears as Bahamut SIN in the English adaptation of Advent Children, in Japanese it was originally called Bahamut TREMBLE. This is because the audio version of this sounds like Shin in Japanese, and so, this was adopted for the English translation.

Bahamut SIN appears after it is summoned by Kadaj in Edge. The hatred and malice is very visible in its appearance as it has red bug-like eyes and a very demonic look - this could perhaps represent the feelings of the summoner.

Tasting Bitter Defeat

Although Bahamut SIN manages to cause some destruction in the town of Edge, when it engages with AVALANCHE it doesn't really fair all that well. The majority of the members only manage to distract or annoy Bahamut, but Cloud's attacks do much more damage.

The culmination of the fight happens up in the sky. Bahamut SIN attempts to cast Mega Flare but Cloud manages to break through the energy blast and strike Bahamut down using his sword.