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Final Fantasy XII


Voice Actor: Steven Blum
Age: N/A

Ba'Gamnan is of Bangaa origin and alongside his three other siblings they form a group of bounter hunters. Ba'Gamnan however is quite the figure head for this ramble and his sister and brothers are very much afraid of him. His weapon reflects his ruthless nature as it is a essentially a combination of a chainsaw and lance.

Ba'Gamnan has quite the thing for wanting a particular mark he has been chasing for sometime, this person is Balthier and every opportunity he has to apprehend him he would take without a seconds thought. When Ba'Gamnan hears of Balthier's capture he arrives at Nalbina dungeon to find Balthier has already escaped.

Ba'Gamnan learns that Penelo spoke to Balthier and kidnaps her to use as bait. Deep inside the Lhusu mines they wait for Balthier to arrive. However, Balthier foils Ba'Gamnan once again and escapes. Later on, Ba'Gamnan finds himself being hunted as Montblanc creates a way to lure Ba'Gamnan out of hiding in order to put a stop to his attacks on the various people who've been unfortunate enough to bump into him during other hunts.

It is apparent when the party confronts him that Ba'Gamnan was stalking the other hunters in hope of finding Balthier. They fight each other in Nam-Yensa Sandsea but unluckily for Ba'Gamnan he loses, falling into the sands belong.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Steven Blum
Age: N/A

It appears Ba'Gamnan survived his fall into the Sandsea during Final Fantasy XII. However, Ba'Gamnan recovers to find that the Empire has also placed a bounty on his head. His first thoughts are revenge on the people who put him in this position and when he stumbles across Vaan, it appears to be the perfect opportunity.

Despite looking like a winning position for Ba'Gamnan and his posse, Vaan turns the tables by summoning some espers using the Auracite stone that Balthier gave him. Ba'gamnan then realises that his siblings have deserted him, but it doesn't stop him from trying to achieve his objective. He attempts to attack Vaan from behind, but he trips up on the stairs of the derelict. Knowing now that they cannot trust Ba'Gamnan they tie him up.

Later when the party are fighting the Titan, Ba'Gamnan actually decides to help them. However, this isn't of his free will it is revealed that Tomaj invented a special muzzle which he aptly nicknamed Ba'Gamnan's Bane. It adminsters shocks whenever they need to so that Ba'Gamnan is forced to comply.

Escaping Tomaj's Device

When the party reachs Maliris, Ba'Gamnan makes a break for it. The party decide to leave him to his devices and head for Yapih Caverns. Here they are attacked by Ba'Gamnan's siblings, but Ba'Gamnan arrives free from his collar and attacks his own family. After showing them that he is still the boss, he then turns his attentions to Vaan and the others. However, when he is defeated rather than running away, he decides to kidnap Filo instead.

Ba'Gamnan takes Filo to the Underfane of Yaxin Qul. His victory is short-lived though, as Vaan, with the help of Rikken manages to take him down and rescue Filo. Seeing his efforts thrawted, he turns his sights towards kidnapping Fran instead, Vaan however works out what Ba'Gamnan is up to and he is foiled yet again.

Ba'Gamnan is seen off twice more by the group: once during a fight over the Auralith where he has the aid of Titan. The second time he tries once more when he posts a fake bill on Tomaj's board to lure Balthier but is defeated yet again.