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Azul The Cerulean

Azul The Cerulean

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


Voice Actor: Brad Adbrell
Age: N/A

In Dirge of Cerberus, Azul has realised his dreams and joined SOLDIER. Now he is a member of an elite group of soldiers called the Tsviets who reside in DeepGround. His name means blue in both Portuguese and Spanish and his hair, weapon and clothing compliments this.

Azul's first appearance comes during DeepGround's raid on Kalm. He accompanies Shelke to make sure that Vincent is the target they're looking for and after some brief reconnaissance, he confronts Vincent. Azul Vincent DoC

Luck Is On Your Side

Azul greets Vincent by saying "Hail Weiss!", but Vincent doesn't seem overly amused and dispatches Azul's guards with consummate ease. Azul sees this as a challenge and gladly accepts.

However, much to Azul's disappointment, Shelke collapses due to a lack of Mako energy and Azul reluctantly has to forfeit the fight and carry Shelke away. Before he does so, he comments that luck was on Vincent's side this time, but they will meet again.

Assault On The WRO Headquarters

After establishing that Vincent is residing in the WRO Headquarters, Azul notes that this is perfect - they will be able to kill two birds with one stone. Azul then leads the assault by punching through the massive steel door that protected the WRO compound.

Shortly after Shelke is defeated, Azul crashes the party and confronts Vincent a second time. Vincent attempts to attack, but Azul's shield is far too strong. However, it isn't strong enough to resist a rocket and after the shield is destroyed, Vincent manages to knock Azul unconscious. This allows the WRO to capture him and he is then kept under constant guard. Arch Azul Shelke

Arch Azul Takes No Prisoners

During DeepGround's second raid on the WRO Headquarters, Azul manages to escape his guard and turn into Arch Azul. In this form, he effectively becomes a form of Behemoth and marauds around the hallways of the HQ.

He confronts Shelke, Vincent and Shalua Rui and he charges them all. Shelke is shocked and proceeds to paralyze him using her Materia. This causes Azul to revert back to his human form and he informs her that Weiss has ordered her termination.

As they try to escape, Shalua gets trapped on the wrong side of a door and is left to face Azul alone. Azul enjoys this and causes her great injury without managing to kill her.

The Final Confrontation

Azul is waiting for Vincent as he boards the elevator leading down to DeepGround and after the two face off, Neo Azul is defeated. He doesn't seem overly concerned though as he changes into Arch Azul and displays his true strength.

Despite changing form, Azul is defeated yet again, but in a last ditch attack he manages to crush Vincent against a railing. However, Vincent morphs into Chaos and creates a huge explosion on Azul's chest.

Due to the force of the impact, Azul changes back into his human form. Chaos then proceeds to ram Azul's huge gun through the middle of him before sending him flying over the side of the elevator into the depths.

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: N/A
Age: N/A

Azul appears briefly during Episode 4 of Before Crisis. He has various fights with the Turks, including Rude and initially appears to have the upper hand in these confrontations.

However, later during the episode, we learn that Azul wishes to join SOLDIER so that he can become more powerful. His will is galvanised even further after he suffers a defeat against the Turks and he vows to become the strongest being alive.