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Argento The Silver

Argento The Silver

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII


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Argento the Silver appears only in the Japanese online segment of Dirge of Cerberus and fulfils more of a teaching role than anything else, which means she has close ties with Weiss.

Her name means "Silver" in both Italian and Latin and her dress is predominantly silver because of this. However, unlike the other characters, her hair colour doesn't match her name as it's black.

The Weaponsmith

Argento herself carries a rather large sword as her weapon, but seldom uses it during the course of the game. She prefers to observe rather than be involved with the fighting.

She is also the person responsible for constructing the weapons that the Tsviets use and she took great care in making sure that all of the weapons were of a specific colour.

Plotting Against The Restrictors

Along with Weiss, Argento was one of the primary figures involved with attempting to bring the reign of the Restrictors to an end. Her role was more on a strategic level though, but she generally advised Weiss on the best course of action.

Due to her omission from the main game, it is believed that Argento died during a battle with the Restrictors.