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Angeal Hewley

Angeal Hewley

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor: Josh Gilman
Age: N/A

Angeal's first action in Crisis Core is that of Zack's instructor. He gives Zack orders with regards to the mission he is undertaking in Midgar against Wutai Soldiers. However, after asking Zack to proceed to Sector 8, Angeal notices that something is wrong.

Arriving just in time, Angeal prevents Sephiroth from stabbing a helpless Zack and following this action, he aborts the mission, revealing that it was just a VR simulation. He then proceeds to give Zack some words of Wisdom - "Embrace your dreams. If you want to be a hero you need to have dreams ... and honour".

Investigating Genesis

Following the disappearance of Genesis during his mission in Wutai, Angeal and Zack are sent along to both investigate and accomplish his mission. Angeal also reveals that he has nominated Zack to become a 1st Class SOLDIER.

On the way to the Fort Tamblin, Angeal talks about Dumb Apples, or as they are more formerly known, the White Banora. They are a type of apple that grows out of season in Banora and Angeal continues to talk about his childhood, which Zack doesn't understand the relevance of.

Zack also takes this time to enquire about Angeal's Buster Sword, more specifically why he never uses it. Angeal claims that he's a poor man and can't afford to buy another sword, so he doesn't want it to get worn and rusted. Angeal Genesis Banora

True Intentions Exposed

Angeal again has to save Zack, as his over-confidence puts him in a spot of bother against a Soldier Killer. Angeal uses his Buster Sword to save Zack's life and comments that Zack's life is more important than his sword...just.

As the two head away from Wutai with Lazard, they are attacked. Angeal tells Zack to take Lazard to safety while he deals with these new foes, but when Zack returns Angeal is gone. Sephiroth reveals that it's likely that Angeal has betrayed them and joined Genesis.

This is confirmed during Zack's mission to Banora, where Genesis and Angeal appear together. Shortly before Banora is bombed by ShinRa, Angeal is found inside his house standing besides his dead mother - Gillian Hewley. He informs Zack that like him, she has no reason to live.

That's Enough!

Sephiroth recollects the day when things changed between the three of them. Genesis and Sephiroth became involved in a heated duel, which Angeal tried to stop. After trying to break the skirmish up multiple times, Angeal in the end had to take a more forceful approach.

He manages to get in-between Sephiroth and Genesis shouting "That's Enough!". However, Genesis proceeds to cast a spell causing Angeal's sword to shatter, sending a shard into his shoulder. Genesis failed to recover properly from the injury, even with some of Angeal's blood. Angeal Zack Midgar

Encounters In Midgar

Angeal's next appearance comes as Zack is trying to chase down Dr. Hollander. Angeal informs Zack that he's become a monster, and because of that he's now planning "World Conquest". However, when Zack informs him that he's not a monster, Angeal disagrees and causes the floor to break below him.

Angeal then encounters Zack again when he is making his way back to the ShinRa HQ. He asks for Zack's strength in helping him to fight against evil and when Genesis confronts Hojo, they manage to ward him off. However, Angeal then leaves soon after, but he briefly meets up with Zack afterwards to inform him that Genesis and Hollander have gone to Modeoheim.

I Should Have Dealt With Genesis

When Zack reaches the bath house in Modeoheim, he finds that Angeal has rendered Tseng and Cloud unconscious. Angeal reveals that he should have been the one to stop Genesis, but he failed. He then tells Zack that he must kill him, as he's the last monster left.

Hollander comes out from his hiding and tries to tell Angeal how proud he is and that he should take revenge on his mother's behalf. This angers Angeal and he merges with several Angeal Copies to create Angeal Penance. However, he is defeated and Zack takes Angeal's Buster Sword following the encounter.

Project Gillian

Prior to Crisis Core, Hollander was trying to use Jenova cells to make a new Cetra. Using Gillian Hewley as a test subject, Hollander injected Jenova cells into her while she was pregnant.

The child she was pregnant with became Angeal Hewley, and in terms of the experiment he was a perfect success - unlike Genesis, who was a failure.