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Angeal Copy

Angeal Copy

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Supporting Cast

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While visiting Aeris for the second time, Zack comes across a monster within the church. As he attempts to dispatch it, the monster turns around and defends both Zack and Aeris from an attacking ShinRa drone.

It is then that Zack realizes that the monster is actually an Angeal Copy and is there to protect Aeris. After saving him from the drone, Zack entrusts the copy with Aeris' care.

Crucial Intervention - Saving Cloud

In an effort to try and save Genesis in Benora, Zack entrusts Lazard with Cloud's wellbeing; however, ShinRa still manages to capture Cloud.

Lazard does his best to rescue Cloud, but is no match for the soldiers. Fortunately, the Angeal Copy appears and assists Lazard in fending off ShinRa, effectively rescuing Cloud.

Delivering The 89th Letter

Zack then emerges from his battle with Genesis to find both Lazard and the Angeal copy as they slowly slip away into the Lifestream.

The Angeal Copy's last action in the game is to deliver Aeris' 89th and final letter to Zack. After passing on, the Angeal Copy disappears and Zack finds the letter where it was.