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Al-Cid Margrace

Al-Cid Margrace

Final Fantasy XII

Minor Character

Voice Actor: David Rasner
Age: N/A

Al-Cid Margrace is member of the Royal Family from Rozarria. He is met by the party during their journey to the Temple of Kiltia atop Mt. Bur-Omisace and was the person that Larsa wanted Ashe to meet with. Al-Cid is clearly a gentleman in character and very protective of Ashe, as he asks her to return with him to Rozarria so that he can protect her. His actual position in the Rozarrian family is a little shadowed, but he is in fact a Prince. However, he is one of many and not in direct line to the throne.

Accompanying him to Mt. Bur-Omisace is a maid who is rather quiet and does as he asks without question. His reason for wanting to meet Ashe and Larsa was rather simple, war is more than likely to break out between Rozarria and Archadia and rather than risk this he has taken it upon himself to try and come to a more peaceful solution.

When Larsa leaves Mt. Bur-Omisace, Judge Bergan attacks and Al-Cid is forced to defend himself from the Archadian forces. When Ashe and the others return they find the Gran Kiltias has been murdered. Al-Cid asks her to accompany him to Rozarria, but she refuses. He accepts her wishes and departs on his own with the resolve to try and prevent the war with Rozarria instead.

Al-Cid is met once more in Balfonheim Port, and he reports that the a battle is imminent. He informs the group that the Resistance and Rozarria are due to fight Archadia and the battlefield will be over Dalmasca. That is where they will make their final stand.