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Podcast Prep: Thoughts On Final Fantasy XIII-2?

by Darryl

It's almost time for another podcast, but this next one is going to be a little bit different.

As it's now been over a year since the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2, we feel it's time to have a dedicated Final Fantasy XIII-2 post-mortem episode where the gloves come off and spoilers fly around like wild-fire.

So, with that in mind, we want you guys to take part too. There won't be a Burning Question this episode, but instead we want to hear about your experiences with Final Fantasy XIII-2.

This could be about any aspect of the game, from the characters, the story, to even the music. It could also be about why you bought the game, and whether you were disappointed or not with your decision.

Leave your responses in the comments and as always, we'll pick the best ones to get featured in the show!

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