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Misunderstanding: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Rebranded As Final Fantasy XV

Versus XIII by Darryl

People have been talking about this for a while now, "what if Final Fantasy Versus XIII is just re-branded as Final Fantasy XV?" And based on what happened recently, those people always had their "I told you so."

Roen, the company who were hired by Square Enix to work on the clothing in Final Fantasy Versus XIII had made a mistake on their website, replacing Versus XIII with Final Fantasy XV instead.

According to the company, this had been on the website since July 2012, but someone only noticed last week, leading to massive hysteria and speculation. However, a quick statement from the company cleared things up.

They had listed doing work for Final Fantasy XV in 2008, which seems very implausible anyway, so with everything cleared up, we can now return back to normal.

In short, until we hear it from someone else, Final Fantasy Versus XIII hasn't become Final Fantasy XV. Who knows what will happen at E3 though.

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SOURCE: Nova Crystallis
TAGS: Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XV

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