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Lightning Strikes FATE Arrives Today On Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

PS3 by Fozzie

Today, 14th November, marks the first day of the special FATE event in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn featuring Lightning Farron as her game releases late next week.

The FATE, aptly named Lightning Strikes, is divided into four chapters which will each be released on a different day leading up to the Japanese release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. According to the Official Final Fantasy XIV website, the event involves searching for the mysterious rogue adventurer who is roaming the land. It’s your job to figure who she is and why she’s here.

By completing the event, you’ll earn a number of things including Lightning’s costume if you’re character is female and Snow’s costume if you’re male along with a variety of weapons.

The event will run from today, 14th November, until the 9th December. Chapter 2 will release on 16th November, Chapter 3 will release on 18th November, and Chapter 4 will release on 20th November leaving Japanese fans a day to complete all of it before settling down with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Anyone who misses out on this event, don’t worry as it will be coming back in February 2014 to celebrate the western release of the game.

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