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Legendary Artist Akihiko Yoshida Leaves Square Enix

FFXIV by Fozzie

Upon the arrival of Bravely Default in Japan, fans have come to find sad news within the game's artbook. Seasoned Final Fantasy artist Akihiro Yoshida left a letter within the book announcing his decision to leave Square Enix.

Yoshida worked on many games with Square Enix including Final Fantasy XII, Tactics Ogre, and Final Fantasy XIV amongst other things and will still be working for the company on a freelance basis. He does not state why he has chosen to leave the company; just a heartfelt goodbye.

Yoshida’s first assignment post Square Enix is the mobile title Knights of Glory for Cygames. Special thanks to Kohichan on Twitter for the scan. You can see the scan below:


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SOURCE: Twitter
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