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Kitase Notes That Final Fantasy XIII-2 Story DLC Wasn't Very Good

by Darryl

Most people who pumped down some money for it already know this, but Square Enix has admitted that the story downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII-2 wasn't very good.

The admission came from the game's executive producer, Yoshinori Kitase, who was talking to fan sites at a recent forum for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

He spoke about how the costume packs were really popular, especially the one where you could use the black and white mage costumes, but that the story episodes disappointed players.

Here's the actual quote from the great man: "Outside of the outfits DLC, fans didn't buy the others as much compared to costumes. Costumes like the black and white mage were quite popular with fans. Also not ending the story with the episodes really disappointed players."

Were you one of the people who ended up buying the story episodes, or did you stop after the Sazh content?

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