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Impatient Fans Attempting To Port Final Fantasy Type-0

by Darryl

We've all seen the different petitions imploring Square Enix to bring Final Fantasy Type-0 over to the West, but one group of fans have taken matters into their own hands!

As posted on the GBA Temp forums, poster SkyBladeCloud has showcased his work so far on a full port of Final Fantasy Type-0. In a video (see below) he highlights how easy it is to manipulate the game's subtitles and cutscenes by reverse-engineering the game.

You can also see him playing through different sections, while also changing discs using a ROM - which goes against how the PlayStation Portable should be used.

There's no saying yet whether this will actually turn into anything, as Type-0 is an incredibly detailed game. It would probably take a considerable effort to translate the entire project. However, there are so many fans in the West that are desperate for this, that if it can happen, gamers would be thrilled.

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SOURCE: Kotaku
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