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Help Raise Money To Charity, Check Out This Awesome Final Fantasy Marathon

by Darryl

It's always good to give something back to the world and that's exactly what TheSpeedGamers are doing with their latest speed run.

With this latest marathon, the guys over at TheSpeedGamers will be playing through Final Fantasy 1-10, but will also be playing 12 and 13 as well. They are looking to raise $15,000 for Autism Care and Treatment Today.

The stream will be going on all week and they're looking to give away prizes throughout, as well as providing some wonderful commentary. Two of their players are also world record holders. Poxnor, who holds the record for the fastest Final Fantasy 8 playthrough and Essentia, who holds the record for Final Fantasy 6.

Check out the live stream below and feel free to donate to their cause:

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