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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Application Site Goes Live

FFXIVPS3 by Darryl

Good news everyone! Square Enix has just launched a website which will allow gamers to apply to be a beta tester on the upcoming relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV, which is also known as A Realm Reborn.

This is fantastic news for people who've been wanting to check out the new game, especially as the process is also open to people with a PS3 console - if you have an accompanying Final Fantasy XIII code you may also be given priority here. It means that Final Fantasy XIV on the PS3 is finally happening!

By holding the beta, Square Enix hope to "examine the game systems, address the balance and prioritize bug fixes."

There's also good news for those Final Fantasy XIV players who are classified as "Legacy" as they will be able to check out the Realm Reborn beta on PC without going through the application process.

To apply, simply go to the following website: and fill in the information. Good luck!

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