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Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Case Confirms DLC

FFXIIIX360 by Damian

GameStop has posted the back of Final Fantasy XIII's box for the Xbox 360, and it reveals a few interesting details. On the back, it mentions various things, but the one that is most interesting is "Game-content Downloads'.

Recently, in a Dutch Official Playstation Magazine issue there was an interview with game producer Yoshinori Kitase where DLC was mentioned. Kitase stated that due to plans of having a simultaneous release, both Western and Japanese versions of the game would be identical. However, with the Western version taking a little longer than expected, they have prepared "a DLC but it will arrive a little later."

The snapshot of the back of the box confirms what Kitase has stated in his interview, but with no image of the Playstation 3 box will this downloadable content be console exclusive like many other multi-platform games on the Xbox 360?

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SOURCE: Gamestop
TAGS: Final Fantasy XIII, Xbox 360

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