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Final Fantasy XII - 2 months ago

Takashi Katano and Hiroaki Kato talk FFXII: TZA with Siliconera

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age's director Takashi Katano and producer Hiroaki Kato have been recently interviewed by Siliconera about the upcoming HD remaster. They talk about the new additions/improvements, remastering games, revisiting games and...

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - 12 months ago

Future Final Fantasy XII Games Under Consideration

Two of the prominent minds behind Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age have gone on record as saying future games within the Final Fantasy XII universe are under consideration, depending on how well The Zodiac Age is received when it releases next year....

Final Fantasy XIII - 6 years ago

Final Fantasy XIII Battle Planner Leaves Square Enix

It's been revealed that Toshiro Tsuchida, who was a battle director on Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XII has left Square Enix. Tsuchida was also the main behind the Front Mission franchise, having directed Front Mis...