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Final Fantasy Union Episode 89: Lightning Returns is HERE!

by Fozzie

Welcome back everyone to another episode of Final Fantasy Union! Darryl is here and is joined by Lauren and Spencer and they don't waste any time. This episode is a especially fun as there has been a brand new game release in the FF universe and the trio start things off by going into a DEEP discussion of their thoughts and feelings for the game.

However, don't worry, the show is spoiler free! They spend time giving their opinion on the story, gameplay, the trilogy as a whole, and much much more! We had asked you guys what you thought about the game and they read your responses; you were quite positive! Right after the Lightning Returns review, Darryl and Lauren team up with Arvis for the second Final Fantasy Quiz segment. You can hear how well he does!

Then they move into your questions and this show they have some great topics! Listen in as they talk about issues like the relevance of the earlier FF games and whether Final Fantasy 15 be out in 2014 or not. The remix at the end of this show goes hand in hand with our featured discussion as it's a remix from Lightning Returns! We hope you guys enjoyed the show and we can't wait to be with you all in a few weeks!

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